The struggle of men to grow and prosper.

Not much is known from before the time of men in the land of man, but the evidence is there when it is found.

The kingdoms are isolated from one another for the most part. Only a few merchants dare travel those passageways as the penalty is often death.

The first but not the most prosperous is the fractured Southern Kingdom. There is no central king, but rather a Dukedom, several counties and many baronies. All of these struggling for power and control.

To the north is the Northern Kingdom. The current king is a pretty decent and strong king. His son is not so. The land is prosperous and thriving.

To the north of the Northern Kingdom is the Northern Marches. It is actually a Dukedom of the Northern Kingdom, but it is about the same size as the Kingdom.

To the south of the Southern Kingdom is the coastal kingdom. Again, not actually a kingdom, but rather a federation of city states and independent towns and villages.

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Knights of Bold